The Best gas saving tips ever

The Best gas saving tips ever

Save money on gas


Here’s a news flash! Gas prices are going up and they will continue to go up!
Not exactly news everyone knows this. Here is another news flash gas is a huge expense for most Americans and when prices spike it puts a huge burden on most of us especially commuters.
The funny thing is there are many easy and simple ways to cut back your fuel consumption yet few people do anything about it.
So here is the number one tip of all.
Write it down as a goal and stick it to your dash board. I am about to give you some really good tips on how to save on fuel but when most people read tips like this they think hey that’s a good idea I am going to try that but then the next time they get in the car everything is quickly forgotten and its right back to the same old driving habits and routines.
What I am suggesting is simply write something on a piece of paper like “I need to save on gas” or better yet set a goal for a purchase or a vacation that you can achieve with the money you save from following these tips and using less gas.
Keep it somewhere you will see it every time you drive like taped to the dashboard.
OK so lets get started.  Here are the best gas saving tips ever.

Get up to speed efficiently: By this I don’t mean take all day to go from 0 to 60. Get up to speed as quickly has possible in the most fuel efficient way.
Your ultimate goal is to get into high gear because that is where you get the best fuel mileage. You want to set a happy medium to getting there.
A good rule of thumb is when accelerating from 0 to 60 do it at about double what your cars top 0 to 60 speed is.
So if you’re top 0 to 60 speed 10 seconds then you want to get up to 60 MPH in 20 seconds.
It may take a little practice but remember that little note on your dash.
Try to plan your trips with all right turns or as many as possible: Plan your routes in advance and try to make it with as many right turns as possible.
Just planning routes period can save you  a lot of gas. Doing it with mostly right turns could cut your fuel costs by as much as an additional 3%.

Keep your highway speeds at 60 MPH or find the sweet spot. This is the obvious one but it bears repeating. A 5 MPH increase in highway speed can reduce your mileage by 7%. That’s huge! The trick is to find your cars sweet spot. Depending how your car is geared you may be able to go a little faster or you may have to slow it down a little. Experiment if you are freeway driver and find your cars sweet spot.
Try to anticipate traffic lights:  This is another one that may take a little practice but it can easily be done. Try to anticipate the light and start coasting from well back if you have to.
The trick of course is to hit the light without coming to an actual stop. On the other hand giving the car a little extra gas to speed through a light can be more efficient than sitting at the light especially if it is a long light. Just make sure you always obey local traffic laws.
If you have a vehicle with a roof rack remove the crossbars. If don’t use your roof rack they don’t need to be there if you don’t want to remove them at least slide them to the back and push them together.
Keep your windows rolled up: Driving with your windows down will increase the drag of your car and reduce your fuel economy. On hot days follow this rule of thumb. Below 60 MPH keep cool by having the windows down. Above 60MPH roll the windows up and turn on the air conditioning.
Do your maintenance: Another obvious one but it bears repeating because it is so important.
Keep your car tuned up with fresh oil and well maintained. A well maintained car gets better fuel economy then a poorly maintained car.
Check your gas caps seal and fit. Check your gas cap: A worn or broken gas cap can allow fuel vapors to actually escape from your car.

Take everything out of your car:   If you’re always hauling around useless junk or unnecessary items in your car get rid of them. The more weight you have in your car the more gas you use.

Drafting:  Be careful with this one! I do not recommend this tactic but it does have to be mentioned in any list of fuel saving ideas for informational purposes. This technique is frequently used by race car drivers to gain speed and truck convoys to save fuel. Every car has a certain amount of drag (or wind resistance). This drag, the rolling resistance of your tires and the friction in your engine are the three main causes of reduced efficiency. A car moving through the air causes the air to split around the car and turbulence behind the car. If you drive your car into another cars slipstream, both cars will save fuel (less turbulence). The following car saves the most gasoline. I am not advocating that you tailgate. However, you can try to find a large truck (more turbulence and a longer slipstream tail) and slip in there. Now you can still keep some distance (unlike the NASCAR driver) and still save gas.

As you can see these are rather simple and straight-forward tips that all of us should be following.
The Car buyers Hero is all about saving you money on everything automotive related not just buying your car. You work hard for your money why give it all to the oil companies or the car dealers.
Don’t forget your note!